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We have more than years of experience


  • The Fido Academy is a wing of Fido Markets, a pioneer international brokerage firm that provides path-breaking Financial and Investment Services all over the globe!
  • The Fido Academy is a pathfinder and simply the Best Institute for Forex Courses in Chennai! We are here to deliver exceptional Forex Trading Courses for beginners and experts in the forex trading industry based on their requirements. We have Specialized Forex Traders with a whooping experience of more than ten years in the Forex Trading Market to guide and support aspirants!
  • We offer the best education through our cutting-edge technology tools and analytics! If you are searching for the Best Online Forex Trading Classes of 2021-22, your search ends here!


We aim at customer focused policy to foster long term and mutually rewarding relationship with our clients. We work on entire elements like Technology, Education Support and Information that helps our Clients make better informed trading.


Our Vision is to provide excellent service in online Forex Trading, be it Retail or Institutional clients. Fido Academy is a perfect example gateway to the best course for trading forex.

From Fido Academy you can get 100% Forex Trading oriented class from Experienced Forex Traders

  • Analyzing Forex Trading Market
  • Understanding Forex Market Basic Terminologies
  • Full-fledged Forex Trading
  • Practical Sessions in Real Time Environment

Shine in your career, Forex Market awaits you!

Primary focus of Fido Academy is Training Clients in Real Time Trading practices, learning and practicing is the key to get successful by embracing Forex Trading Courses.

Creative Learning Environment

Feel a joyful learning environment in Fido Academy, start as a Beginner and the outcome will be a pro in Forex Trading Market

  • Analyzing Forex Market
  • Understanding Forex terminologies
  • Full-fledged Forex trading
  • Practical Sessions

Learn Easily from the Best Forex Traders

Learn forex trading easily with the help of our courses and start trading. Fido Academy courses provides easy and comfortable forex trading courses for each clients.

Personalized Learning Forex Courses

Courses are offered based on the requirement of the users such as beginner or advanced. Every client has different requirement Fido Academy best forex trading courses are personalized for individual requirements.

Learn Forex Trading from the Experts

Learn Forex Trading from the Industry Experts who have an experience of 10 years. Fido Academy have expertise from the Forex trading business which provides detailed study on the Forex Trading.

Support & Guidance for all FX Traders

We provide guidance and support throughout the professional forex trading courses, so that users can learn easily and get skilled in trading. Fido Academy provides every clients with customized courses based on their requirement.

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