Advanced Customized Course

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Advanced Customized Course

Fido Academy's Advanced Customized Course is for those who are looking to get specialized classes. Specialized classes can be termed as one-on-one or for a group (family members, colleagues, students, friends, or any type of group). A specified fee will be collected for the customized service. Other than that, our Customized Course includes the syllabus from the Advanced Course.

Customized Course is designed to provide an opportunity for those who are looking to trade in groups and for those who need one-on-one classes from our experts. You are also eligible for the Advanced Cashback Program where you get your course fee credited back to your trading account.

Advanced forex course content

  • Technical Pattern & Numeric analysis
  • Leading & Lagging Indicators
  • Calculations


  • Market analysis strategies
  • Trade preparation strategies
  • Trade management Strategies
  • Trade Entry strategies
  • Trade exit strategies
  • Live trading practise

Why should you take our Advanced Customized Course?

Our customized course gives you the opportunity to learn on your own time and you can also guidance from our experts since you can opt for a one-on-one session. Trading in groups is always a good option since you can discuss trading strategies and other analyses within your group to make a better profit. Why not learn together and trade together? Opt-in for customized classes for your group.

Course Fee : INR 25000

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