Fido Academy's Advanced Course Cashback Program!

Fido Academy introduces Advance Course Cashback Program where you can get an unbelievable 100% cash back credited back into your trading account.

Advanced Forex Trading Course
  • Our Advanced Forex Trading Course is made up of interactive classes with videos and quizzes, ensuring that all topics are revised. Fido Academy believes that trading signals alone are not enough to know the market movements; good analytic tools, and experienced traders are needed to prepare yourself to be a profitable trader.

Once you successfully complete our advanced course, you will be offered our privileged course completion certificate. Once completed, you need to open an Indus Account with Fido Markets. Your cashback will be converted into USD and will be credited to your Indus Account as tradable capital.

Terms & Conditions :
  • The validity of the cashback stands for 3 months only and you need to make your first trade within
    3 months from the date on which the cashback is credited. If you don't make any trades within the
    3 month period, your trading capital will be withdrawn.
  • Your capital cannot be withdrawn at any point of time. You can only withdraw the profits that you make through trading.
  • You can withdraw your profits in cash.

How To Claim Cash Back?



Step 1

Pay Rs. 20,000/- join our advanced forex trading course.

Step 2

Complete the course and get our course completion certificate.

Step 3

Open an Indus Account with Fido Markets.

Step 4

Your Advanced Course fee of Rs 20,000/- will be credited to your Indus Account.